Open Letter to CEO of TM Net (BM Version)


Sejak kebelakangan ini, perkhidmatan Streamyx selalu berlaku gangguan, dan saya dipaksakan mengguna perkhidmatan TM1515 untuk mengekses Internet. Ini telah menyebabkan bil telefon saya melonjak tinggi kebelakangan ini.

Saya ingin meminta pihak TM Net memberi perkhidmatan TM1515 secara PERCUMA kepada semua pelanggan Streamyx sebagai GANTI RUGI semasa gangguan Streamyx berlaku.

Jika permintaan ini tidak dipertimbangkan, saya akan membangkitkan isu ini kepada organisasi yang menjaga kepentingan pengguna-pengguna di negara ini.

Sekian. Terima kasih.

Tan Teck Chin


At 12:23 上午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

Encik Tan Teck Chin,

Terima kasih kerana menghantar e-mel kepada CEO kami dan di atas maklumbalas yang dibuat.

Merujuk kepada e-mel tuan, kesulitan yang tuan alami adalah dikesali. Kami akan merujuk perkara ini ke bahagian yang berkenaan untuk tindakan selanjutnya.

Sehubungan itu, pihak kami akan berusaha untuk menangani masalah tuan dengan sewajarnya seberapa segera serta menghubungi tuan untuk memberi maklumbalas mengenai status aduan tersebut.

Terima kasih di atas sokongan dan kerjasama tuan.

Yang Benar,
Afzan Abdullah
Rapid Response Team,CRM
TM Net Sdn Bhd


At 11:55 上午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

pls complaint to TMnet,
write-in to them!
I heard that you don't have
to pay them after 3 or 5 written

At 6:42 下午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

I agree. Complaint to them, even though you usually no real answer from them.

I owe them more than RM1000 b'zoc they did not solve my prob since January this year. Yet, they refer my case to debt recovery agent (those legal A long collector).

Recently they reply, sorry for the inconvenience. Please check your computer again and if it is our fault only we will rebate. Rubbish! I use my laptop and use my brother's Stremyx and still works. My nephew used my modem and it also worked. So, the line has got a prob. TM contractor once called and told me that you check lah, if still got problem then he would come! Rubbish again! If got no prob then why the hell I called up? TM should hire more intelligent contractor!

At 10:03 上午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

I faced the same problem too .

I sent email to them , and beware that they would ask you to change certain parts and charge you .

For the period of downtime , they agreed to rebate some money after my complaint .

Sin Chew published a complaint on streamyx service a few months ago, they also gave some discount .

I am very upset with their attitude , if we do not complain , they will not provide effective service .

At 7:50 下午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

What is the main problem ?

The answer is "Monopoly".

Don't complaint so much. They will give you a final anwser. If you wan to use, use it. else cancel. who care.

At 11:27 上午, Blogger 小针 said...

can owe Steamyx more than RM1000?? r u kidding? they will surely cut ur line if u didn't pay them for more than 2 months. this happened to me. this is the most powerful credit control that Indah Water should learn...

At 11:11 上午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

wahaha...wat make indah water have to learn ... the stupid indah water ... u think they really got do their own parts meh ? crazy ... when ask them come have to charge this n tht also. thought u hv pay every months they will rescue u meh ..dun ever think about tht. they all private money ghost... only c money will do things.... pay mah slove ur pro loh ...no pay mah kept u in waiting list loh... they can hide the cases also ...



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