TomYam: 不会出现在大马报章上的照片

Demonstrators crowd the streets in front of the Istana Negara in downtown Kuala Lumpur, 10 November 2007.

Malaysian police unleashed tear gas and water cannons on protesters 10 November as tens of thousands defied a government ban and rallied in the capital calling for clean elections. Some 40,000 demonstrators massed outside Malaysia's royal palace, led by opposition leaders including dissident former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, as they faced off against hundreds of riot police.


At 12:44 下午, Blogger rambochai said...

呵呵呵... 让我们私下印多多的照片派给人.... 哈哈哈... 但是要找SPONSOR啦...
也许反对党就是最好的SPONSOR了... 呵呵呵...

At 2:37 下午, Blogger 小针 said...

Let HARAKAH or THE ROCKET to do that. They will surely do it. Don't worry!



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